Phone Gap course using Udemy

For the last one week, I got a new project, to develop a mobile application. To develop mbil e app for Android, we need to code in Java and for IOS, we need to code in XCODE language. I know that Im not good in Java, the last time I wrote program using Java was in 2005, 15 years ago while I was in first semester, first year degree. As for the XCODE, I never know how the language is. But what Im good at is HTML, JS and CSS. So, here come Phone Gap to the rescue. Using Phone Gap framework, those programmer who are only familiar with HTML, JS and CSS able to create and publish a mobile application for android and IOS platform.

But since my last encounter with phone gap was 2 years ago, I need to polish back how to use phone gap to develop the mobile apps? After google few hour, I found very good tutorial at UDEMY. UDEMY is an online class platform that offer variety of knowledge with a good fee. I managed to get offer from USD 49.90 , only paid USD 9.90 for the phone gap course.

The instructor is very good, having more than 1000 (One thousand) students and the rating is more than 4.5 stars. So I made the payment, join the class for total of 10 hours, got the certificate to say that I completed the course and now Im ready to start to develop the mobile application.

You can get the course from here :

Learn and re-learn

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