MySQL master to master replication – error not able to restart service

So today I need to set MySQL database replication. I followed steps from here:

There was my.ini file that need to be edit. This .ini file was edit using notepad, the windows notepad. After saved, Im not able to restart the service. The was a warning after I tried to restart the service.

My suspect was on the .ini file that I edited. But, im not able to figure out what. After reading at few articles, I found out that windows notepad saved file by default in UTF-8.

We need to save the file in ANSI format. There is a selection in the save dialog, to save the file in ANSI of UTF decode format.

Based on my initial instinct, I should have download and use notepad++ to work on text file. notepad++ will save as what the file was opened.

Once the .ini file was saved in ANSI format, it the MySQL service able to start, just like normal.

Now I need to to the replication step once again. I did this replication setting before and I know it will work. I think, i will only need 1 to 2 hours to accomplish this.

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