Planning at cafe

The good thing becoming a software engineer is that, you can work at where you want, whenever you want, as long as the job able to be deliver. At this moment, Im at Blackwood  Coffe and Chocolate cafe in Jitra, Kedah. Sometime, the mind need to get out from the daily place, get refresh, at another place.

At a cafe, not a conducive place to do coding actually. People talking, musics, food, coffee smell, these are the distractions. But why Im here? just to get out from my daily place for a while and relax mind. I have too many things in my mind now and by getting a away from routine place for few days, will make my mind refresh.

My task today at this cafe is to plan what to do for next few days, get presentation done to my business partner, call few of my clients to update on the progress, reply mail and plan how to sprint for the next few months before the year end.

Anyway,  I dont order the coffee here. I really really think that the coffee here is overpriced. I did order something else, that I feel worth to pay. Kedekut? Stingy? No im not, just that is it worth my investment?

— adam —


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