Business Analyst with Software Engineer skill

Time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings

As im getting projects and Im not able to deliver the projects! I have no time, to sit and look at the codes now. My hand tied up with meetings, discussion, business development, technical support, new findings, new clients, new partner meetings, travelling. All these made me no more a software programmer or software engineer or system developer but more to business analyst. After having 10 years of experience in this field, suddenly I realize that my time no more laying the bricks to build the house, but more to dealing with people on how to design a big city.

Its not what I dont want to do, this is what I need to do to make my company to sustain. But too many of these activities, make me fell Ive wasted to much time, not able to develop software and not able to deploy the software ordered by my clients and this make Im not able to make payment collection. This is bad. Honestly, I miss my time sitting alone, thinking on the next line of code, check on the database, and solve the technical problem.

But, until when I going to do this after suddenly I realized that, any programming code, Im able to do. Ive been coding since my day one of my career, since August 2008. Its been 11 years already I doing coding. Thats why, since 4 years ago, Ive been waiting to get new talent that I can develop and I want to create another me, so that I can continue meeting people for business development and I have someone else to the the programming and coding. Lucky me, I found one person that I really developed into good software engineer.

Limited time makes me not able to do coding, to concentrate, staring and the computer codes, which I really really love to do. I need to set my priority and the priority now is to get another person to do the computer codes for projects that I secured, so that I can start to move myself to become business analyst.

— adam —
The Computer Code Writer


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