Delay on the first flight of the day

Today Im on my way to attend meeting with end user at KL Sentral for the big data project that I have talking about. Woke up 345 am, I just slept less than 4 hours as im too excited for this meeting. Arrive airport 445 am, as there was no traffic and am able to speed on the penang bridge. Purposely took the first flight of the day because I want to be in KL as early as I can.

While boarding the flight, met up my previous client, CEO of a company, who is also my fathers friend. Met with few other industry people VP Inari, CEO Vitrox, and Board Director SIRIM. We had few conversation before boarding. On board, while we were waiting for push back and start, there was a truck broke down behind our aircraft and we were delayed for 35 minutes. This is beyond everyone control.

What can we do now? Just wait until the truck remove. The captain keep update us on the status each 15 minutes.

Now, while writing this at 22000 feet, we are ascending to KLIA2 and expecting to touch down at runway 15R within 15 minutes. Delayed on takeoff, make the arrival delay. I need to take the ERL, high speed train to KL Sentral. Hopefully I am able to arrive to the

Arrived meeting room on time. The ETS will only take 30 minutes from KLIA to KL sentral, instead of bus, 60 to 80 minutes. It is important to arrive on time during meeting as this will show your commitment towards your job. I will update more about this #bigdata project progress.

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