Mandarin Class

Nǐ hǎo ma

I did enrolled myself to join Mandarin language class. This is something that I looked forward to since last year as I realized that my job is actually being surrounded by Chinese people. In Malaysia, we are multi-racial country that need to understand a little-bit of other race.

The main reason I want to learn Mandarin is that because of my job. I can say that, everyday Im meeting with Chinese people to make a deal on business, to discuss on projects, to learn and get new information. With the new language skill that Im going to acquired, this will make them able to convey more information to me. Why is that so?

I can see that in a meeting session, if Im inside the room, they will speak english, so that Im able to understand them. But, sometime, they will talk in Mandarin within themself, which makes me not able to join the conversation and knowledge / information not able to be transfer.

Secondly, being a Malay, that able to talk in Mandarin with Chinese peole, will make the relationship to be at another level. Supposely, the trust, the bonding, the understanding will be better. In business, there is somthing that we call personal touch. Thats what Im trying to do.

Third, as we know, China is now actually the world economy control. Im able to survive in this career/business world because of the english language that I am able to master. Imagine that Im not able to speak and write english. Its going to be very hard for me to deal with people. Getting another language, Mandarin will be another strategy to grow my career/business.

By investing my time, money by learning Mandarin, I really hope after 2 month, Im able to speak and understand in Mandarin. Its like learning new computer language , where we start with Hello World.

The class total hours is 32, 4 hours /week – Friday and Saturday.

Its going to be exiciting new knowledge – language to be acquired.


— Adam —


Software engineer by passion

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