The dangerous about miscommuncation

How bad is miscommunication

Today I was invited to deliver a lecture at one academic institution.

I was excited to share my knowledge, is just that, no one briefed me, what to deliver. They only told me that it is a workshop for Final Year Project (FYP) but I did not get the detail. The scope of lecture, was not given to me. Regardless on that, Im still excited to be there and meet up the students.

While driving to the location, by 0830 AM, the lecturer, which is my friend, call me and ask where is my location. I told her, Im like another 1 hour 30 minutes away. She told me, all students arrive and just waiting for me! I was shocked and told her that my session should be 1030 AM, based on the time table given to me. On the time table, stated clearly that my name and my slot to start on 1030 AM.

She told me that they did not pass me the latest tentative. Then I told her, I will be there 1000 AM. I sped up to 170 km/h (Please dont tell the police because I did this only for 10 KM) and arrived at the location exactly 1000 AM. While I was walking to the classroom, I met with the dean and the dean realize the mistake on the time table, where I told her that Im sorry I got late because of miscommunition from their side conveyed wrongly to me.

They told me to have breakfast first, but I told them Im already late for the class and I dont want to make it worse since the students were waiting for me. Im in class at 1005 AM and the first thing, I said sorry to the students. This happened because of the miscommunication.

I got the teaching material after 30 minutes my arrival in the classroom. This material should pass to me at least 2 days ahead, before my arrival. It is in softcopy, they can just passed to me. But no, I only get 30 minutes after my arrival. After scanned thru the document, the teaching material for about 5 minutes, only then I know what I should teach in the classroom. I spent about 6 hours teach the students.

Another thing happened today also because of miscommuncation. Another workshop should be conduct in one location but need to change the location because of miscommunication. Other side, understand diffrently from other. This will create more cost, unecessary time delay and frustation from both side.

The work around into this is any important information, need to double triple confirm. By verbal and text.

I hope, within my team, we will never has this miscommunication.

— The one has extra area ear auricle, so to hear more, and not to miscommunicate —
— Adam —


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