Wi-Fi in hotel – is it safe?

This week I travelled a more than usual. I need to be at Kertih, Terengganu few days ago for 4 days to attend meeting with new client and another meeting for the next few days in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Nowadays, as any cheap hotel room you can get, even RM50.00 (USD15.00) per night, you will provide with internet connection, either wifi or plug in. Any hotel that does not provide this, will be out of business in the next year.

The question now, is it safe to connect with hotel wifi? If you ask me, it is not safe! Why?

These are why I think, it is never safe to connect with unknown wifi network

  1. The next room that is also connected with the same network, able to eavesdrop your data inside the wifi.
  2. You never know what virus that is wandering around inside the network
  3. The data that you are transmitting using the connection, the hotel people might know – you credit card information – as an example
  4. Once connected to the network, if your device not strong enough, it will get infected by the virus and make all your device system gone – I had this experience before and I need to format the whole system.

Point number 2 and point number 4 based on my own experience. How do I work with internet while Im travelling? I will always use my hotspot from my phone. I feel more secure that way. Bandwidth quota? Should not be any problem as for me the quota is more than enough for me to use.

Be safe rather than be sorry.

— ADAM —



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