Weekend activity

As a software programmer, that love to do software programming, I never see my job as a job. I rather see that the job that Im having as a hobby to filled up my time and getting payment out of my hobby. An intresting hobby. If your hobby is watching movie, while you watch movie, and you are getting the payment while watching the movie, what else you want? Getting paid for what you are doing the most you love, is the best. You never drag your feet to do your hobby. You do that with outmost sincerity, happiness and no tense — while getting paid for it.

I never see a weekend as a holiday. As for me, I just take weekend to plan my what to do next in the next 5 days 4 nights so that I can wake up in the morning and start to do my hobby. As of today, it is weekend. I start to look at my accounting statements, cash in, cash out flow,  meeting with new potential client for new project, getting few documents done, meeting with my business partner to update him aobut the company status and need him to sign few documents to send to company secretary.

This will use at least 4 to 5 hours. Thats already half day job. Before that, in the morning, I will go and walk around Kulim Lake from 0800 am to 0900 am for 2 to 3 round by 10am I should arrive home and start to do my hobby.


I need to talk care of my health now since Im going to be human-age-half-life consumed this year. Need to start on taking supplements so that Im able to cotinue to do my hobby for at least next 35 years.

So, basically what I do every weekend – Saturday and Sunday?

  1. Spend time at home
  2. Go for grocery shopping
  3. Excercise – walking at Kulim Lake for 2 or 3 rounds
  4. Planning what to do for the next 5 days 4 nights
  5. Get what not able to be done on the last week
  6. Read good articles

Next 3 weeks will be very busy week. I will update soon.

— ADAM —



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