Big data project – new huge project is coming

When I started my company 7 years ago, it was never came across in my mind that I will invovle with huge company. To make software for huge company. My thinking was, to help small and medium enterprise to own their own custom made system. This will make their business process easier.

After almost 4 years I started my company, car manufacturing company called me and want to have a system. As of now, that was the biggest company that ever contact me and I thought to myself, there will be no more bigger company to contact me. Suddenly, last month, a very huge company, bigger from the previous one,  contact me through their associate. They want my team to get invovlve with one project, that is to us, that project is huge project! This project is bigger than any project that we ever work and develop! This company is listed in Global Fortune 500 Forbes list and they sponsor the Formula one race! (So, thats one step closer for my company to sponsor Formula one! – hahaha)

This project involve big data. I will share the experience, the journey, the experince, the technology used, BUT I will not share what is the company we are dealing with, what is the system all about and I will NOT tell how we develop the system. That is because we signed NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that stated what is secret, will remains secret.

project hashtag #bigdataproject

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