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I realized on last year, and last two years, I overworked my self. Making my self very stress and I got hyper tension in my blood presure. I not having enough sleep because keep awake to do coding up to 3 AM and my biological clock giving me signal that Im overwork. Even I fell energetic, but my face will look pale.

From January 2019, I always arrived my office 0930 AM and leave 0630 AM. But begining from today, 2 Feb 2019, I want to make myself to arrive earlier at office: 0900 AM so that I can start go home 0600 PM. What ever I do, I need to plan and complete my task during that 9 hours time period. Minus 1 hour of my meal time (breakfast, lunch and tea time) .

I need to look into my health now. Im 35 now, half life of a human being , since life span of a human is 70 Рaverage.  I want to have a long life so that I can contribute more to this world in my own way.

How do I manage my time now?

0700 AM I will start my routine jog around my neighbourhood area.

0730 AM start to shower, get ready to work

0745 AM start the car and go to work. I need to arrive on the Penang bridge before 0830 so that the heavy vehicle not yet on the bridge that will make traffic slow. My house to the bridge is 30 minutes away.

By 0900 or 0930 AM, I will arrive office.

As a programmer, I can do my job and task whenever I want, even at home. So why do I spend my money to be at the my office 40 KM away with daily travel of 80 KM and high traffic? The reason is simple: I need to be with my team, even one of my team mate is just next door and I need a conducive place for me to do my job. Staying at home doing my job, the TV and bed keep calling me and dont me get started with when its raining, the call from my bed even louder~.

Somehow, my client now is at the next block from my office. So being near with them, making them fell secure if there is any technical issue with the system. They able to call my team, within 5 minutes, we able to meet them.

By 0600 or 0630, I need to move from my office. I found out the traffic on 0630 is not as pack as 0600PM or 0700 PM. I need to cross the bridge and able to reach the mainland before 0700 PM so that the traffic not heavy with factory busses that fetching factory worker that end their shift at 0700 PM. By 0715 to 0730 PM, the road will occupied by these busses, that make bottle neck at Penang bridge exit at the main land. By 0700 PM, once I arrive home, Im able to do a 20 minutes cardiovascular excercise since I need to take care my heart. I want to use this heart for at least next 35 years.

0800 PM I will get my daugther to do their homework and by 0930 is time for them to sleep. I need to sleep by 1000 PM so that I can wake up at 0600 AM and get 8 hours of sleep so that I blood pressure able to be 120mmHg/80mmHg reading.

So thats it. How I divide my 24 hours per day.

9 Hours spend at office.

2 hours travelling house-office

8 hours sleeping

5 hours personal time

This is for my daily routine. But if I need to travel outstation, the time allocation will be diffrent. My job nature often  need me to travel to client site.

Even how much I love my job, I need to allocate and limit 9 hours to do my tasks. I need to look into my health as well.

— Adam —


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