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My job nature is project based. I dont have any routine job, monotonous, repeatative job that I do daily. So do with my team. We received ad-hoc meeting for new requirements, we received call for support at any time of the day, we get to call for meeting time change, always. So how do my team and I manage this kind of job?

We used to have meetings to update ourselves on the progress. We use to work until night, until 0900 PM at the office and go home. Yes, we love our job so much and never complain about our job. We did complain about our client, but not about our job.

We use Google Calendar to keep the whole team update where and when but that does not effective to complete the tasks assigned. We used other method such as evernote and also Wrike, Bitrix24, and Trello. But non of these suit our team.

Lastly, I found out FreedCamp. This tool keep everyone in the team to answer what to do and when to do. WIth FreedCamp, I found out that Im able to concentrate and focus only to one job even I have so many other tasks to settle with. My time now more effectively manage and we dont work on how long time spent on the job, but how many job done with less time. This is very effective.

To know more about this tool, click: FreedCamp :

Freedcamp is a web, mobile and desktop project management and collaboration system for teams. The company was launched in 2010 in Santa Barbara, California by founder Angel Grablev. Freedcamp is free for an unlimited number of users, files, and projects.

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