Changing the world?

Do you realize that those who pickup the trash at our house daily is changing the world? Do you know that the sweeper and cleaner at the office is changing the world?

Anything that you do, in a positive way, is changing the world for the betterment. Just imagine, if the cleaner not coming to your office for few days, your office will not be clean and how we can work in dirty environment? Everyone has their own role even the role seems very tiny, but it is important. How tiny the role is, it is actually changing the world. Its like a mechanical watch, even how small the gear is, without that smallest gear, the clock will not able to display the correct time.

Never feel your role not important. Every role is important.

So as my company. We are very small. My team consist of 3 main software engineer, including me and I am trying to change the world with my thing that Im very expert with – computer software. With computer software that my team design and develop, thats how we change the world. Just imagine that system now being use to order a package of raw material for some production in a factory, and with that end-product, will able to make the world a better place to stay. Is not that a way to make the world better. So, my team is actually super heros!

We are changing the world, with our own way.

— ADAM —


Software engineer by passion

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