New Project : Knowledge For Life

This project is a very huge project. Its an online learning, just like udemy . But custom made for our end client to fit their need and business model. I told my team, always emphasize that the documentaion will be a crucial element for this project. This is becuase, I did not do any documentation for the last 5 years for my projects. Why? I need fast payment, fast turn over, so that I can pay my commitment. But not this time. I need to slow down, do the documentation, else, my team and I wil be bully again by end customer.

Let name this project: Knowledge For Life . I will always refer to this code name to refer in this blog. In fact, I will create special tag in this blog for this project progress whenever I write about this here, in this blog. #knowledgeforlife

This project coming from one establish university in Malaysia, in fact this universiti listed in top 2% university raking in the world. This what makes this project in high stake, high risk and my team and I need to perform and deliver this project.

It started on early September 2018, after I met with my friend who was together with me during my university days. The last time we met up was in 2008 during we were students. I know he managed to pursue up to PhD and he is now working with this university. I always pass by in front his school, but never try to catch him until he did that. We went for a lunch and just to update, whats going on for the last 10 years? Later after few weeks, he called me up and told me that one professor wants a online learning system similiar to udemy but more to custom made.

I brought my team to meet this professor. After 8 meetings, with total of 14 hours time spent on meeting and requirement gathering, my team and I able to get the requirements. For this time, after all requriements gathered, we are now doing the documentation. We start off with the requirement documentation so that we able to see our timeline commitment and the whole project man-hour to spend that later need to convert to the company cost where this will be the price quotation to send to this professor.

All the while, the cost that Im giving to end customer just a cost that I think , ‘OK, this could be the approx cost’, but in the end, that is not the cost. Thats why my company having problem with cash flow. But not this time around. Enough of me creating the cost, with knowing how much the time should be spend for each project.

With proper documentation, we able to control the deliverble, timeline, costing and commitment date.

As of now, my team done with these documentation as of now

  1. Proposal
  2. Deliverible – based on requirements
  3. Timeline
  4. Project cost

After the professor agree with these documentation, we will start on the development. I will always update about the project progress.

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