Dream is free

One of my dream, crazy dream : To put my company logo at Formula One driver helmet for one season.

Is this what really I want? Not really, just a dream. Some how dreaming is free. Just dream on.

What I really want now? What really my dream? This is my real dream : I want ot inspire other people to success by looking success is not in form of money. But for me able to do that, I need to look success. The problem with the society, whole wide world is : Bill Gates is the most successful human on this planet since he is the richest person on this planet! This is huge wrong perception of success. I want to bring the society to not looking money as a ruler to measure your the success.

I define my success now : by able to help other people become more success than they are today by deploying computer system to make their daily task easy. The more smile I can see on my clients face, the more success I am. I want to see more smiles. Smile that coming from the computer system that my team deployed to our end clients. The more system we develop each month, the more success we are.


— adam —


Software engineer by passion

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