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Last year, October 2018 I was busy travelling from Penang to Selangor twice a month. On January 2019, my team were looking at this one huge projects. Very huge, indeed. The total project was very huge, even we are only getting like 3% of the total amount, but still, to get invovle in a big project, was actually a big achievement for my team. But because the project was too huge, we failed to deliver on time, not because of we did not perform but the outside factor. The server came in very late, the internet line was not there, the software was not ready, the system not able t to run becuase of compability issue the network speed is to low, hardware was not properly set, the administrator not process our request fast enough, the server room need to modified…..and many more. How do my team perform and make the delivery, when the whole infrastructure is not ready. This consume our time, our resource and energy. I placed my two engineers at site, and only being there, just waste of time. Really, it was frustrated to see my engineers there, not able to contribute to the time development because of we need to wait other things to done first. Proper timeline planned, but it was only on paper. We should able to delivery 25% by this year, but only less than 10% able to deliver and that 10% delivered, need to do further tweak, that will also consume my team engineering time.

Why Im bother about this? When my engineering time taken and my team not able to deliver, we not able to take any payment. When Im not able to take any payment, my company cash flow will be in negative value. This will make me well-known by the bank officer. For the last 4 weeks, Ive been getting new friends from the banks and other financial institution.

Moving on, next time, I will not want to get invovle in huge projects. We just want to go for small projects, that make us sustain our life, pay our monthly financial commitment, able to put food in our tummy and able to subscribe to netflix and/or spotify – for our entertainment.

For next year, 2019, my team now getting another projects. This will one big projects as well, but not as huge as the one that I wrote just now. We are NOT sub-contractor for this project and this is a direct negotiation project. If the project need us to go to tender process, we will not go to this kind of project. But the amount will also be huge, Im not sure how they will go on the commercial process, might be take long.

There are few other projects that coming into my company as well. I never expect that during year end, I will be busy doing meetings and negotiation, getting new system requirements for new projects. Still, its agood sign for my company to survive another year, where this year, marking our fifth year in operation.

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