Resigned day and survived – but still struggle

Exactly 5 years ago, Oct 2013, I tendered my resignation from a manufacturing company. A company that I was given knowledge and where Im able to unleash my creativity of creating software and system. The reason I left a stable income was because I got opportunity for myself to start my own company. I was 29 years old that time.

In the factory, I had a good team. My engineering asisstance (EA), technician, machine handler always support me and I trust them in deliver the task given. All of them are older than me, except my material handler. I got a skill on how to instruct people that is older than me, and they delivered the job. They are 20 to 25 years older than me. We had a mutual respect to each other. When comes to non-work time, we can always tease each other and laugh at each other, but when it comes to work, we work.

I still remember, on that day, I told my superior, that I want to resign.  I told him verbally, first time. He reject my resignation, verbally. It was until another few months, until October 2013, I told him again, verbally. I can tell from his face, he was distracted with my decision. He told me, that he understand that I made my mind and ask me to print out the letter for him to sign.

Before I print the resignation letter, I went to Pizza Hut with my team, and buy them pizza. They eat happily, before I told them that I want to resign. On our way back to the factory, the whole car was quiet. I know they were sad with the news.

I print the letter, gave my bos to sign and send to HR dept. Within few hours, the same day, the whole factory know that Im leaving them. They were like, surprise with my decision.

Fast moving forward Рafter 1825 days, Im here. With my company, that I have faith, and I trust that I can grow more. Looking back for the past 5 years, Im getting more projects, up to extend of I need to make my team bigger and stronger. Im getting projects from big boys in the industry and I never ever expect that to happen.

Tough, yes, no one told me that its going to be easy. Even my dad, personally, he told me that I will fail. I will never survive in business world. There is a concept that out of 100 company registered today, 90 will fail before 3 years. That 10 that survived, only 1 will hit 5 years mark. I know, my company is that one that lucky enough to hit that 5 years mark.

Dear team mates,

If you read this, I want to say thank you, thank you. I really dont know how to ever repay you with your contributions, with your sacrifices, with your hard work that makes the company grow. If we had survived 5 years, I have believe, that we will survive another more than 5 years after this. I know that you have faith in the company, even at the toughest time.

Thank you team

— adam —



Software engineer by passion

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