Time is not enough, always

I got to many things to do now. Business development, system development, user acceptance test, meeting people, networking, get to know new people, giving talk, training, software testing, software deployment, team meeting, preparing for training, looking for resourse to give talk.

These all jobs make me sometime angry with my self and I will always blame the time is not enough. Discussed about this issue with anyone, and I got to know everyone that I discussed with, having the same problem.

One of them told me, we need to organize and well plan our time. After organize, commit to the time. Do the job without any distraction, thats the most important.

From now on, these are what I need to do.

  1. I need to realize, I only have 24 hours per day. Im not able to take job that require me time at Venus, where on that planet, one day earth equals to 2802 hours.
  2. From that 24 hours, I need at least 7 hours of sleep. I need this because of my health issue.
  3. Now, what I left is only 17 hours
  4. Within 17 hours, I need to deduct 2 hours of my time travelling, to and from client side or to the office
  5. Balance 15 hours.
  6. This 15 hours, deduct 1 hour for meal – breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner
  7. Balance available now: 14 hours. An hour of toilet time/day (Should I take into account? Yes for now. STOP LAUGHING! Yes, you, Stop Laughing~~) This include getting ready to work place. (ironing, searching and decide what shirt to wear today and look we did I put my belt~)
  8. Balance 13 hour. I want to have half and hor for nap time. I want to nap during afternoon. Try to refresh back my mind. Dr Mahathir doing this. Let me try and I will share the result later.
  9. 12.5 Hours left. 1 hour for pray time. Taking account 10 minutes/ session and that make 50 minutes whole day
  10. 11.5 hours left. If I start my official working time 0930 AM to 0630 AM with an hour total for meal-break, which already calculated in item #6 above, I already allocated 8 hours of working. By 630 PM I need to rush home. (Sounds imposible? lets try. hey, stop laughing~)
  11. Now, I have 3.5 hours left. 0.5 hour, lets try to allocate for exercise – daily —- Please dont laugh at me, you are demotivating me now.
  12. 3 hours left. 2 hours to play with my daughters
  13. 1 hours left. – OK. lets get this an hour to keep for contigency time – traffic jam, travel time, chit chat with friends, watch you tube, scroll at Facebook and other things.

All we got now, 24 hours? Lets check

  1. Sleep – 7 hours
  2. Travelling 2 hours. This only applicable for daily travel. If out station, that will be different story
  3. Meal (Breakfast, lunch, tea n dinner) 1 hour (TOTAL NOW: 1o hours calculated for now)
  4. Toilet time: 1 hour
  5. Nap : 0.5 hour
  6. Praying time : 1 hour
  7. Working : 8 hours (TOTAL NOW : 20.5 hours)
  8. Exercise: 0.5 hour
  9. Family time: 2 hours
  10. Contingency : 1 hour

Total hour from item 1 to 10 : 24 hours.

OK, lets try to put in another perspective

1130 PM to 0630 AM – Sleep (7 hours)

0630 AM – 0730 AM – get ready to work (1.0 hour)

0730 AMto 0900 AM – Travel time (including fetch my daughters to school, breakfast)  ( 1.5 hours)

0900 AM to 0100 PM – Work (4 hours)

0100 PM to 0200 PM  – rest, pray and nap (1 hour)

0200 PM to 0600 PM – Work (4  hours) – total working time now 8 hours

0600 PM – 0700 PM : travel home (1 hour)

0700 PM – 0800 PM : excercise, bath, pray (1 hour)

0800 PM – 1000 PM : Dinner, play with my kids – family time (2 hours)

1000 PM to 11 00 PM : The extra time (1 hour)

1100 PM to 1130 PM : Get ready to sleep (0.5 hour)

So, there you have it. My daily time management plan. Will this work? I dont know. I really dont know. Wait for my next post. Let me try for few weeks and I will report this again.

To know if Im using the work-time effectively, I will try to put into toggl, a tool that my team use to track our activity vs time.

What should I do during my 8 hours allocation work time?

I dont have daily routine. What I do : Business development, system development, user acceptance test, meeting people, networking, get to know new people, giving talk, training, software testing, software deployment.

So, it is hard for me to say, ok 9 to 0100 today and tomorow: system development. It is hard since I need to do multi task. But, I will get that 8 hours work time solid now.

Always, I put in TTBD list in my note book. TTBD stand for Things To Be Done. At the end of the note, I will put in the date, when I can start and finish up the job. I need to do this, else my mind not able to concentrate to the current job. Whenever I do this, I will remember, that task. While doing that task, I will say, eh, this task not yet start and when am I going to finish another task. This give me unnecassary tense, where I should be happy doing my daily job. But I need to make sure I am able to deliver all job.

This make me realize that we only have 8 to 10 hours per day. Impossible to take more jobs, when the time is the main limitation.

Doing coding, need concentration and active mind. Not able to concentrate on the coding job, makes more tense.

I will try to get solid 8 hours job and will make a new post, if I manage to follow the time table.

Now already passed 1200 AM . Need to go and sleep now.

~ adam ~



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