Working overtime today?

I got a call  from my client, who made the full payment and requested me to go into his end-clients site (again~) to make final User Acceptance Test. Im quite reluctant because my job done, verified by the end-client and I already got my full payment for this small project.

If I really need to be there, I will be there for only 4 hours because my job done and verified. On Friday night, he called me and told me that both of us do not need to enter the site and I was relieved. Staying at home, doing nothing, is totally not me. If my laptop can talk, the laptop will ask – hey, dont you ever stop working? — My reply to my laptop : Im not working, Im doing my hobby~

On Saturday, I was editing my book, which I will write into a post later. The book is about my own mistakes that Ive done during my last 5 to 7 years running my own company. Why I started my own company while Im getting stable job, you might ask? Because of money!!!!!!  And thats my very huge and first mistake!

I will post about my book later.

~~ adam ~~


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