Friday – meeting day

Every Friday, I will have a progress meeting with my client. This is very huge projects and need to be commit up to 3 years. My team got the projects but fo rthe last 8 months, too many management issue and problems which are Im not in favour to handle these kind of problem. As for me, rather to handle technical problem, than human or management problems.

Met with these goverment officers, told her what we need. There is one file that we need, it is .p12 file. This file is a cert file that we need to compile IOS mobile app. We leave to then to provide us this file.

Another issue that we found out is, they want to scrap all discussion and planning that has been went through for the last 4 months which is equal to 16 weeks! These people do not know what they really want and this is tough. Real tough. By next week, we will go again, to get new requirements, and we need to guide them with the new requirement.

I will update later.

For this project, I will use hashtag – #systemintergration and/or #cctv

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