Software Deployment

Its been a year, since July 2017 that I started to develop a new system for my client in Sebarang Prai Industrial Area, Penang. The requirement gathering alone took about 6 months to complete and the development took 12 months. The reason it took too long?

  1. The client do not know what they want, even if I came out with the system plan
  2. They always see that the system need new additional features, even after deployment -yes!
  3. I need to be at other place as Im not dedicated person for only one project. This makes me realize that the software industry is demanding for new software engineer, where we lack of the supply where there is huge demand.
  4. The payment is not worth for me to stay at the site and dedictae my time daily over there. I just able to be there 8 to 12 hours per week. Which this made my client not happy with the time commitment. As I said before, I need to get another project and attened another meeting as well.

After 12 months of development, they agreed to deploy this system on Aug 1st, 2018. System deployed, and the user told me ‘…., I just remembered something that……’

So, here, more requirements coming in, even after deployment. You might ask, why I did not charge for the new requirements? To be fair with them, I did not dedicate my time at clients place and I need more job/project with them. Knowing my client for few years already, they did not have a dedicated software engineer to automate their business process, where Im able to do that. I also believe that no one can stand the ever changing requirement with too little to pay. My company keep charging low so that we able to get more business.

I need not to be rich, I just do not want to miss my lunch. Thats why I keep charging them low.

What ever it is, there will be second phase and few upgrade later and there will be new charges, that I will cover back my lost for the first phase.

The satisfaction that Im looking for, is the smile on their face when the system able to do what they expect to have.

~~ adam ~~


Software engineer by passion

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