Meeting for new project

Today – Sunday.

I got this appointment set with one guy, where all of the sudden call me up, proposed an idea, where that idea my team mate already done.

OK, we set the time and place. I went to that place and he was there waiting for me.

After telling me his idea, I told him that we already had the architecture and design just that we did not able to deploy the system since my team very lack in marketing and promotion. He told me that able to do the promotion, marketing and getting the right people into the marketing plan, I agreed to proceed since the idea and architecture design was done a year ago. This time, we are going to make this a mobile app for people to use, instead of having the system in web page form.

I ask him, we he get my phone number? He told me this guy name and this guy is one of my acquaintance. We know each other since he is one of web master in one of my project in Sedim, Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia. This is to show that, know right people and treat people nice because we never know, when the nice thing we did, will come back to us. Dont treat people bad, because the we never know, when the bad will come to hunt us.

Back to the story. After few hours of discussing, we agreed to move on with the project. The next day, I briefed my team mate, and she seems to be excited with the project as well. This is the chance for her to learn mobile application development for smart phone. We had deployed one mobile app before, but she did not has the chance to get involve since she was with other project by that time. Now, this is her chance to get invovle in this moblie app development.

I do not want to have share in this project. Based on my experince before, when I did joint venture in a project, the project failed, and I did not get any single cent. Time wasted, energy wasted and frustration accumulated. This time, I will charge based on service rendered from my team and they will be charge accordingly. If they become rich with my system, let it be, if the fail with my system, I will not fail. Thats the risk I need to manage since a lot of experince made me to not eager with new bombastic idea presented to me.

This August, we need to make the system proposal. By September they will go present the idea to prospects and October, where the real deal will coming in. By December, alpha test will carry out and January 2019, the system should be able to launch. The time line is there, only that the budget they need to come out. As for the budget and the cost, usually we will not convey during the first time meeting. Roughly yes, might be. But the real cost, not in the first meeting. We need to check how many work-hour needed and what kind of features that they want to have.

On how to get cost for software development, I will share later. It is very difficult and subjective to put cost in software development.

After one week met up with this new client, I did some back ground check and found out he success in his business before this. I even met up with the guy who introduced this new client to me. He told me that he was successfull business owner, and no hanky-panky behind. However, he told me, I need to be extra careful in the business deal. Which is Im aware off.

Let see where this project will lead us. I will update later

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