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Today morning, woke up 0500, on the road at 0600 to reach a polytechnic institution where I am the industrial advisor. Im so excited to share my knowledge in Arduino programming with these students that makes me say, hey, no problem to wake up at 0500 AM, hit the road at 0600 AM and drive for 2 hours.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the lecturers, the school dean and one escort officer that will make sure all my need will be there such as, is the room temperature OK, this is your plug for your laptop, this is your mic, please use this way to your room. I really appreciate the way they treated me.

So, I did arrived there at 0845 AM, just in time for breakfast, and of course, the breakfast is being served. Im not the person who should be treated like VVIP, so, let me take my own food, please. After 15 minutes breakfast, I was ushered to the training room. The usher officer waiting me outside the dining room and brought me to the training room. While I was there, the students were waiting for me. They were like, OK – thats our teacher for today.

I was again, greeted by the Master of Ceremony – MC, and she did mention my background, qualifications and few other things since Im the industrial advisor.

When the MC pass me the mic, I told her, no need mic, lets make this class enjoyble, with no protocols, with no official method. So, to break the ice, I told the students, please call me ‘teacher’ for today, not sir, not mister and they agreed with that.

I started the very basic for electronics – V=IR, P=IV how to calculate resistor value, what is capacitor, how capcitor works, how to use prototype board for the first hour. These students are from software and computer networking background, which make them know nothing about electronic. This is where I fell so much lucky, to understand both world, the electronic (hardware) and software, and Im still proud of it. In the industry, it s very very hard to get a software guy with electronic engineering (EE) background. Last few weeks, I was being called by Agilent, offered me a job and the recruitment officer told me, it is very hard to get software guy with EE background as the job is for Test Software Engineer, the same post I held before I run on my own. Im not keen with the job offer, but the reason Im still putting my resume is that to know, how much my worth in the industry.

OK, back to my training. After introduced them with EE hardware, I started the Arduino training, with blinking LED, Digital Input, Digital Output, Analog Input and Analog output. That what can be covered during the first half of the day. During lunch hour, I was being ushered to the dining room again and again, I was served with nice food!

During this time, I got to know that the polytechnic director is now transfered to other polytechnic, since he is one of the top performer. I know him as a very good director, with high energy to turn the institution to be a better place, he has he own target and the way he run his team, impressed me. Thats why he got promoted. I was surprise but not shock with the news, since I know he is a good performer as a director.

After the lunch, I went to a room where I can use for myself. Rest for a while, and the training started at 200 PM. For the next 3 hours, the student came to see me one by one, team by team to get advise on their projects. I try to answer them on how and what to do with their projects. They are not from EE background, makes this year Final Year Project will be harder since they need to use Arduino for the IoT theme.

The way they smile to me, after I answered them questions, I can see their happiness when they got the idea on how to do their project. The final hour, I show some of what Arduino able to do. 0500 PM, I end the class, pass back to the MC and they gave me a souvenir. During the photo taking session, some students would like to take selfie with me, and I told myself — ‘hoo, this is what the artist feel like when walking on the red carpet for grammy award or oscar award~’

Some of them took my phone number for future refrence and collect my email as well. After that, few students came to me to thank me personally, the girls smiled at me and the boys shake my hand and kiss my hand. OK, this is too much recognition —In malay custom, to shake and kiss hand is for someone you really really respect and i dont think I should get that respect.

Some how, I did get a very good self satisfaction for transfering knowledge to other. A satisfaction that not able to say how it feels like.

By 0530, Im off back to Penang. Meeting some friend that night on my way back home. By 1100 PM, safely arrived home.

— adam —


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