Requirement meeting

Today, 25th July 2018

Another requirement meeting that I need to attend. To make my company survive, I need to get new projects and this business development activity need to be done, and I need to pause on my coding activity. This requirement meeting always long hours, need to discuss on what they end user wants, and always that the system not able to cater exactly what the end user want. The reason? the one who is/are in the meeting always not the end user. Always the management level where they also tought that this is what the end user want.

The requirement meeting is excited moment where I know that my company will get new project but this will take long long hours. Usually, not all requirement able to be gathered during the first and even fourth requirement gathering meeting.

Often that during the development, there will will new requirements came in.

How do I overcome this.

  1. I will get end user to come in into the meeting
  2. The one who give the requirements, need to see and understand the whole picture. Not just saying, hey I wan a house, but do not define the colour of the house, where is the door, where is the water pipeline, where he wants to have balcony, what size.
  3. These details need to be write down and documented.

For the next projects, my team will do more documentation work in order to make the development time to be manage better. How will I do this? Lets try from what my experience gave me during my time at MIMOS, while I was the software engineer there.

Few projects coming in, lets try to have documentation first, before the development.


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