When this going to stop?

Today I went to my client site, to do system development.

The purpose of this visit was to do Deployment test and user acceptance test. The more that my end user do he testing, the more the found out, — ‘eh, we need this and this and this….’

So new requirement always come in. When I started to tell them, hey this was not defined in the quotation / early discussion / pricing, they said, this feature should come in as well!

So I never argue with them again. Just follow and add in what I think able to get the payment.

Tomorrow is the deployment day. The deal is, even after the deployment, I need to support them for the next 6 months, for me to get the final 10% payment.

Im not complaining, but lesson learnt as a software engineer. Next time, need to have proper documentation and the first 3 months, just to discuss on the requirements. Can I do this with them? Im not sure. Else the VO (Variable Order) will be a lot.

So, I just told my self, I will help them, as long as they happy with the system, and Im happy when I see my system works. Not so much on the money/payment.

Just help them to be happy with the system. As long as I can pay my bank loans, Im ok with it. Becoming rich? Not in my life agenda. My life agenda: to make other people happy with my software/system.

— adam —


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