Met my first client

Last Wednesday, at Seberang Jaya, Penang, I met with my very first client, unintentionally. I was walking out of a building and he was coming in.

He was the one who push me to register my company when I claim my payment for his website development. I owe him for pushing me to register my company and jump into business.

We had few updates about our business and company.

Me: Bro, its been 7 years already since we first met up, since I became your web developer and now for the last 5 years, Im running on my own.

Client: So, how was your 5 years?

Me: Still able to survive, struggling here and there. Scratch morning, eat morning. Scratch evening, eat evening (Malay proverb : kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang). Still surviving. So hows your business?

Client: Very bad this year. We just only got RM15,000 for this year.

Me: OK. Thats quite bad.

Client: Yeah, very bad. Sigh~ Business is like that, some time we go up, sometime we go down. But we always need to remember to save while we got a lot. Last year we managed to get RM 5,000,000 (Five Million)!

Me: (in my brain) – What!!!??? 5 Million, and you are complaining you getting RM15,000 this year? If 20% your profit, you already had RM 1,000,000 in your pocket.

Me: (verbally) : Thats great! (While making a face that RM 5 million is nothing much – not a surprise face)

And we talk about other several things before I excuse myself to go home.

This is a success story for a software engineer. A system that I created able to help others to  ease their business process and to get millions in monetary wise .

Im a happy sofware engineer~

~ adam ~



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