I need 8 hours sleep

Being a software or electronic engineer is what I want to be since I was 10 years old. Since 24 years ago. (Hokey~ thats how 24 years feel like!)

Doing my thing that Im passion with, makes me always sleep late up to 3 AM and wake up at 6 or 7 AM. Only 4 hours of sleep and this is really really bad. I checked my blood pressure and it was 178/110!  After met wth the doctor, she gave medication and I need to continue with the medication until my blood rpressure back to normal.

ECG was done, and found out there was nothing wrong with my heart. Lucky me.

On Saturday, I did another blood pressure check at pharmacy and found out my blood pressure now decreased to 130/100 – going to be normal : 120/80. If Im able to get range 120- 130 / 90 – 100, that will make me very happy.

How to get that

  1. Sleep 8 hours /day – I need to include power nap in the afternoon
    1. 10 PM to 6 AM
  2. Excercise – doing this in daily basis now. Im using a exercise machine at home
  3. No more egg – this like hard to resist. When it come to food. OK, reduce the egg intake
  4. Eat moderately – quarter/quarter/half (or in malay we call it : suku-suku-separuh) – hard to do in the beginning

Once I reach back 120/80 I will share the story again.

~ adam ~


Software engineer by passion

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