Coding all day long

Today I need to be at my client site to finish off my system development that I started twelve months ago. yes, one-two, twelve months ago. Why is this system not able to deploy on time?

  1. The requirement gathering was not clear. Initially look like clear, but the small-and-more features was add-on during the development
  2. Did not get end user to join the requirement analysis – my bad
  3. Even the requirement gathering was done for 4 hours together with the CEO, still not able to comply other small features
  4. These small features, need to be extend more with another small features (sigh~)
  5. The user fell doing software development like doing power point slide show. Click click and walla~
  6. I need to eat and drink and not able to just stay with this only one project. If they pay me a consistent payment per month, I will stay 3 days/week with them. But the charge will be like 200% more. Which is I think they will not want to pay that
  7. They are slow giving me other requirements
  8. Suddenly want more and more add-on, which not defined in the early requirements.
  9. No black and white saying with this price what they client will get
  10. I was busy to get for more projects to sustain my company financially – this is tough


The reason I dont want to harsh with them. I need more project with them and I want to prove to them, if they go for another software programmer, they will charge more even for a basic add-on.

~ adam ~


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