Meetings whole day

Today, I had 5 meetings , which I dont feel comfortable with too many meetings as my real job not able to be done – software programming.

Early morning today, I had meeting for new requirements of this old project. Its been 12 months doing the system programming and the user came to me –eh, I just remember to put this and this into the system. When I say, this never been discussed before, they will say, – eh, this must be in the system, even not discussed before. —- So,I just dont want to argue much, just comply so that Im able to get more projects with them.

In the afternoon, meeting with another client. Agenda: to touch up their website.

Then later, another meeting with another client: One of biggest project ever. Still discuss and discuss, no clear direct point yet – this is why i just want to have small scale project and better time management.

The fourth meeting: A project that has been deployed, but this client wants to improved on the GUI part. I pass this to my software engineer. She is the one who doing this project since the beginning and I know, she able to do this. In my team, she is most senior software engineer in my team and she proven that she able to handle.

The fifth meeting: with the same client, but diffrent group : A new project. I need to come out with project proposal, which will take time and time and time and discussion and Im not sure and confirm if my team able to get this project . Time investment need to be done here.

So, 5 meetings in one day. Intresting huh?

~ adam ~


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